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lazy sunday.

I have been sneezy and itchy for over a month now and it is driving me crazy! No meds seem to be doing the trick for me either. I guess I am gonna have to make a doctor's appointment tomorrow. No fun.

Anyway on a lighter note, today was my grandpa's birthday, so we went to the grand-rents for lunch and cake after church today.  It was nice to just munch on snack foods and hang with the family most of the afternoon.  When we came home, I decided to take a quick "20 minute power nap."  We all know how that goes, 20 minutes easily turned in to 2 hours. Oh well, Sunday is the day of rest, right? 

Tonight a recovered my patio chairs.  They turned out super cute. I think I might paint the frames lime green... let me know what you think.


I am about to unload our warm clean sheets out of the dryer.  Don't you just love the feeling of clean sheets?  I do, the perfect ending to another lazy Sunday!